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Union membership is like insurance – it provides security for your future. It also provides a host of useful and financial benefits. We welcome you to join while still a student!
Akava is the central organisation for 37 affiliates, whose combined membership represents more than half a million highly educated professionals. Membership in an Akava affiliate is based on one’s field of study, degree or profession.

This search engine was created to help you figure out which Akava affiliate is most suitable for you.

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You can search for information in three different ways: by field of study, degree or professional title.

If you wish to conduct your search using a field of study, select the level of education by clicking on either University , University of Applied Sciences or All. Choose a field of study from the drop-down menu. The service will list the union options for the category you selected. You will also receive additional information about that particular field.

If you are conducting your search by degree, you can choose from among the different occupations and professional titles related to the various degrees. Open the Search by degree drop-down menu by clicking on the little arrow, and select the degree you are interested in.

When you conduct your search using a professional title, the service will give you information, including workplaces, tasks, employment situation and salaries, as related to that specific title. Enter the title in which you are interested in the Search by professional title box and the service will provide you with additional information.

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