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Homepage http://www.tek.fi/index.php?id=11
Phone number (09) 229 121
On behalf of its members TEK negotiates and concludes collective agreements concerning salaries and conditions of employment in industry and in the service and public sectors. TEK is involved in professional, educational and social matters related to work, employment and the careers of its members at regional, national and international levels. TEK also promotes technology for the benefit of people, the environment and society.
Who can join
All those who have completed a Finnish university degree in engineering or architecture or a similar degree in mathematics or science (mathematicians, physicists, statisticians, applied geographers, etc.) may join as annual members.

Those with a comparable foreign degree (MSc, PhD) or comparable qualifications and experience, who work in technology, may also be approved for membership.
Membership 73000 persons Men 81 % Woman 19 %
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Homepage http://www.akavanerityisalat.fi/en/
Phone number 0201 235 340
Akava Special Branches is an organisation that represents the interests of people who work in specialist and supervisory positions in culture, administration and business life. Our union comprises 25 independent member associations with over 26,000 members, and we are still growing. We recommend you join while still a student.
Who can join
Akava Special Branches can be accessed by joining the member association which represents your own professional or educational field.
Membership 28000 persons Men 18 % Woman 82 %
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Phone number 0500 918 730
Akava's General Group (AYR) aims to promote its members' social, economic, occupational and educational benefits. With its actions AYR also wants to promote the cohesion and unity of the highly educated people. AYR's goal is to enforce its members' wages/salaries and other benefits up to date and to correct possible shortcomings. Akava General Group is an inexpensive route to an organized trade union activity and it is a responsible and reliable trustee of its members' interests.
Membership 818 persons Men 34 % Woman 66 %
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Homepage http://www.agronomiliitto.fi/en/
Phone number 09 2511 160
Membership 6000 persons Men 39 % Woman 61 %
Homepage http://www.safa.fi/fin/safa_in_english/
Phone number 09 584 448
Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) is a non-profit, professional organization.
The primary aim of all SAFA activities is to promote the quality of the built environment. At the national level, SAFA endeavours to influence legislation by presenting SAFA opinion in the form of statements and conducting discussions with politicians and various public authorities. Together with other organizations in the building sector, SAFA has defined the scope of work for architectural design. It also supervises professional standards and ethics among its members.
SAFA has about approximately 3 100 members. This accounts for approx 80 % of all Finnish architects with a university degree. Membership is voluntary, and is not a condition for practising the profession. In Finland no registration is required. SAFA has also approximately 600 student members.
Who can join
Organization is open to all architects with a university degree from a Finnish university or equivalent qualification from another country.
Membership 3710 persons Men 58 % Woman 42 %
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Homepage www.tieteentekijoidenliitto.fi
Phone number 0207589610
FUURT is a trade union for researchers, teachers and other academic experts who are employed by universities and reserch institutions. Union members are primarily organised into local associations on the basis of sharing the same workplace - instead of a shared professional field.

Over half of members are employed on a fixedterm basis and a large share also work under a grant time to time.

Individuals can join FUURT through one of its member associations.
Membership 6800 persons Men 40 % Woman 60 %


Homepage http://www.yhteiskunta-ala.fi/en/
Phone number 010 231 0350
Social Science Professionals (Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry) is a labour market organisation for employees, graduates and students in public or private sector or NGOs. The association is an affiliate of the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (Akava). A typical training background for members is a university degree in political or social science, administration, humanities or pedagogics. Our membership already exceeds 11 500, and the number of members is rising steadily.
Membership 12500 persons Men 34 % Woman 66 %
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Homepage http://www.talentia.fi/en/
Phone number 09 3158 6000
The trade union Talentia promotes and protects the professional and wage interests of 22 000 social welfare professionals. Talentia is affiliated to Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals. Talentia's objectives
Talentia's core task is to ensure that its members are able to pursue rewarding professional careers. To fulfil this task, Talentia has set clear objectives for its activities. These objectives are:

- to ensure that the salaries of Talentia's members are commensurate with their educational level, the demanding nature of their work, and the level of responsibility it involves;
- to create working conditions that enable Talentia's members to enjoy their work and avoid exhaustion;
- to contribute to the evolution of society in line with the principles of social justice and solidarity;
- to attain recognition of the fact that social welfare expertise is needed in decision-making;
- to promote the graduation of competent professionals who obtain jobs that
Who can join
Who can join Talentia?
You can join Talentia if you have obtained a social work degree at a university, a social services degree at a polytechnic, a vocational college diploma in social services, or if you are a higher education student of social work or social services.

Qualifications held by members of Talentia include the following:

- Master's degree (Master of Social Sciences, including or complemented by advanced studies in social work),
- polytechnic degree in social services (Bachelor of Social Services, Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care),
- vocational college diploma in social services (social educator, social instructor, instructor for the mentally handicapped),
- kindergarten teacher degree when the member is working as a family day-care supervisor.
Membership 24300 persons Men 7 % Woman 93 %
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Homepage http://www.lakimiesliitto.fi
Phone number (09) 8561 0300
The Association of Finnish Lawyers seeks to promote the economic and social interests of lawyers, develop professional skills and maintain a high standard of professional ethics. The Association was established in 1944 by Finland's seven leading lawyers' associations, which sought to create a body which would promote the professional interests of all lawyers.
Who can join
Law degree that can be compared to Finnish Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree. Comparing is based on international agreements.
Membership 15030 persons Men 50 % Woman 50 %
Homepage http://www.sefe.fi/portal/en/
Phone number 0201 299 299
The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates is a central organization for graduates - and students - in economics and business administration in Finland. It has more than 50,000 individual members.

The association consists of 25 regional associations and 14 student societies. The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates is the fourth biggest affiliate of Akava – the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland.
Who can join
You may join the association after you have completed: A university degree in economics outside the Nordic countries (most commonly in Europe, Bachelor or Master of Science in Economics). As a rule, at least a three-year university-level education (180 ETCS) is required for the membership. Applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.
The minimum requirement for membership is a Bachelor-level in economics or business administration. This degree should be obtained from a university-level higher education institution. In Finland in one of the Schools of Economics and Business Administration or comparable university faculty.
If you have graduated abroad, the same basic requirements apply. Applications are processed and evaluated case-by-case.
If you have graduated from a Finnish MBA-programme given by one of the Finnish universities, combined with another university-level degree, you are normally eligible for membership.
Membership 50000 persons Men 47 % Woman 53 %
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Homepage http://www.farmasialiitto.fi/in_english
Phone number 029 7010 1090 (arkisin klo 9-12)
The Finnish Pharmacists' Association is a trade and professional union for professionals in the field of pharmacy, i.e. dispensers, pharmacists and students of pharmacy, with comprehensive services to further the members' economic and professional interests. The Association has been promoting the working conditions, professional skills and social position of its members since 1917. With nearly 9,000 members today, it is a credible player in both professional and economic decision-making processes.
Who can join
The Association members are assistant pharmacists, pharmacists and students of pharmacy; 80 % of the members are assistant pharmacists, nearly 10 % pharmacists with an M. Sc. degree, and some 10 % students. The industry is rather strongly dominated by women, with some 95 % of the members being female.
Membership 8000 persons Men 8 % Woman 92 %
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Homepage http://www.psyli.fi/inenglish
Phone number +358 9 6122 9122
The Finnish Psychological Association is an organization for Finnish psychologists. There are approximately 5 500 licensed psychologists in Finland. About 90 per cent of them are members of The Association. In addition, there are hundreds of students of psychology who are members as well. The total number of members in the Association is currently 6100.

The Finnish Psychological Association is an advocate for the professional, financial and social benefits for psychologists. Its goal is also to inform society about psychology and to increase the use of psychology as a science.
Who can join
Member qualifications: licensed psychologists or psychology students in programmes which produce licensed psychologists.
Membership 7288 persons Men 15 % Woman 85 %
Homepage http://www.terveydenhoitajaliitto.fi/en
Phone number 09 2527 4400
Membership 7500 persons Men 1 % Woman 99 %
Homepage http://www.professoriliitto.fi/professoriliitto_en
Phone number 09 4250 700
The Finnish Union of University Professors (FUUP) is a labour market organisation which also serves as a channel for common professional interests of its members. Membership in the Union is open to persons who are permanently or temporarily holding professor´s post at Finnish universities or corresponding positions at research institution.

The Union furthers financial, social and other empioyment-related interests of its members. It also seeks to sustain and enhance the status and high esteem of its members and advance their professional and scientific endeavours. lt also concludes labour contracts and collective bargaining agreements on behalf of its members.

The Union promotes measures to improve the conditions for scientific research and higher education and forwards interactivity between the research community and the society as a whole.
Who can join
Membership in the Union is open to individuals who have been appointed to a university professorship or hold a comparable position as a researher or teacher. A person who is in a temporary employment relationship can be approved as a member if the employment relationship lasts at least one year.

A person who has been selected to a professor's tenure track can be approved as a member of the union when he or she has reached the next to last stage on the tenure track. The title in this case is most often associate professor.

Employees of State research institutes who work as professors or research professors are eligible for membership in the Finnish Union of University Professors. Appointment to such tasks typically requires the employees in question to have undergone an evaluation of their scientific merit. Membership eligibility is considered on an applicant-specific basis on the part of employees who work as research directors or in corresponding tasks at State research institutes.
Membership 2363 persons Men 75 % Woman 25 %
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Homepage http://www.sell.fi/index.php?id=391
Phone number 09 7745 4810
The purpose of the association is to act as a link between its members and to promote veterinary science and the practice of veterinary medicine in Finland and to care for the professional, societal, commercial and social interests of veterinarians and their joint aspirations.
The Finnish Veterinary Association engages in publishing and supports research into veterinary science, organizes talks, lectures and other educational events and annual veterinary seminars.
Who can join
Veterinary students, licensed veterinarians.
Membership 2339 persons Men 26 % Woman 74 %
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Homepage http://www.paallystoliitto.fi/in_english/
Phone number +358 40 3019290
The Institute Officers Union of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Border Guard (Päällystöliitto ry) is a registered association whose members are largely employees of the Ministry of Defence as well as the Ministry for Interior Affairs. The union has 58 joint associations, which represent national defence, border control and international crisis management sections. The union has approximately 4500 members.

The union is a member of AKAVA The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. The union is also a member of the European Organisation of Military Associations EUROMIL and also participates in the Nordisk Officers Allians NOA activities.

The union was founded in 1929 as a registered association and was earlier known as the Non-commissioned officers union and before this as the duty officers union.
Who can join
The largest number of professionals belonging to the union are institute officers. The union also represents members who are reserve officers, officers, specialised officers, non-commissioned officers, frontier and cost guards, contracted soldiers as well as civilian personnel.

Our members operate in demanding tasks in the army, navy and air force as well as in the Border Guard. Typical job descriptions include training, but also working in logistic, overhaul and administrative divisions. Union members holding higher positions are typically specialist positions as well as unit commanders.
Membership 4500 persons Men 98.7 % Woman 1.3 %
Homepage http://www.akiliitot.fi
Phone number +358 9 4270 1503
Membership 5747 persons Men 51 % Woman 49 %
Homepage http://www.ilry.fi
Phone number 0201 801 801
Union of Professional Engineers in Finland safeguards its members’ interests. It has 70,000 members in its 30 regional and 6 national membership organizations.

The union's members are engineers, engineering students as well as other experts in the engineering and the information sector. Union of Professional Engineers in Finland safeguards its members’ interests on the labour market and influences the labour market.

Union of Professional Engineers in Finland offers its members expert services related to working life, e.g. advice on employment and pay issues, support for career planning and extensive membership benefits.
Who can join
Engineers, other professionals in the technical branch as well as employees in the information sector are eligible to join affiliates of Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Student membership is possible since the Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL, which protects the interests of engineering students and students in other technical fields at universities of applied sciences. IOL belongs to Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.
Membership 70000 persons Men 86 % Woman 14 %
Homepage www.smkj.fi/en/
Phone number 020 122 4400
SMKJ, the Union of Sales and Marketing Professionals, is a non-political organization of over 27,000 members. promoting the interests of all professionals working in sales, marketing or purchasing.

We at SMKJ offer out members support and security in work life and its changes together with a wide variety of training events. Our membership services cover, among other things, legal expenses insurance and earnings-related protection against unemployment. You can find a description of all our membership advantages here.
Who can join
The services and rights can vary depending on your membership category. Briefly, the differences are as follows:

Employee members enjoy full SMKJ membership benefits and services.

Entrepreneur members enjoy full SMKJ membership benefits and services. However, they are not members of the Unemployment Fund of the Sales and Marketing Professionals.

Student members are not automatically members of the Unemployment Fund of the Sales and Marketing Professionals. Also, they have no professional legal expenses insurance. Student members can join our Unemployment Fund separately.
Membership 27000 persons Men 75 % Woman 25 %
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Homepage http://www.oaj.fi
Phone number +35820748 9600
The trade union work begun in Finland in 1893 and OAJ was founded on December 28, 1973. Today the membership is 119 564 (1.1.2011).

OAJ's highest decision-making body is the Council, meetings are held twice a year. Between Council meetings, the executive board, lead by president Mr. Olli Luukkainen, is the decision-making body.

OAJ's central office and 11 regional offices serve the member associations, elected officials and teacher members. OAJ also provides its members several advantages and benefits e.g. the services of elected officials and the OAJ advice and consultation services, membership in Teachers' Unemployment Benefit Fund, various insurance benefits, the Opettaja -magazine as well as holiday and recreation services.
Who can join
The union represents teachers at various school levels and institutes of learning, ranging from day-care center teachers to lecturers in universities and vocational school teachers. We also work together with the Finnish Teacher Student Association SOOL and veteran teachers.
Membership 120000 persons Men 26 % Woman 74 %
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Homepage http://www.yty.fi/english
Phone number (09) 2510 1310
Private sector managers, professionals and senior salaried employees, YTY is your very own organisation for benefits and services.

YTY membership is based on job status, not education or industry. The educational background of our members varies from school leaver to postgraduate degree level. Most members hold commercial college graduate, business IT specialist, technician and M.Sc. qualifications. Economists, engineers, BBA graduates and jurists are organised in their own specialist unions.

Our members work in a wide range of sectors, including the technology industries, ICT, finance, real estate, transport and trade, and general industry.

As a member of YTY you will enjoy individual service from an organisation that defends your interests and provides excellent member benefits for a fixed monthly subscription.
Who can join
YTY membership is based on job status, not education or industry. The educational background of our members varies from school leaver to postgraduate degree level. Most members hold commercial college graduate, business IT specialist, technician and M.Sc. qualifications. Economists, engineers, BBA graduates and jurists are organised in their own specialist unions.
Membership 10000 persons Men 58 % Woman 42 %
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